Contacting ‘Lost’ Patients

© Helen Lesser, 2015

A number of LCH therapists had been discussing the topic of ‘lost patients’ – those who cancel an appointment and are then never heard from again.

The discussion ranged across many topics (Is it because of a change in their symptoms? Is it due to other events in their lives? Is it because of the treatment? Is it because of us, the therapist?) and how to reflect and learn from these situations.

All were agreed that contacting these people direct was not a good idea – it could come over as ‘pushy’ or perhaps give the impression that we are desperate for business – but then one therapist hit on a perfect way to achieve all the aims while avoiding all the pitfalls and has shared the information so that we can all use this as a template for our own practices.

The wording of the letter is as follows. Feedback on its results, others’ opinions on it, along with additional ideas which it sparked, are all provided below.


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