Too Much Info


© Helen Lesser 2007

The following illustrates how easy it is to be mislead by both information and intention. The therapist has gained so many details that he became ‘lost’ in it all. This is a common problem when therapists first go into practice, which is why this has been included here; much helpful advice was given by other therapists and the final summary provides guidance to prevent against a similar situation occuring.

This therapist was not only mislead by the abundance of information, but by a desire to understand and to help the patient. Unfortunately, he attempted to understand by applying his own interpretations and analysis, which is what lead to treatment failing.

If this therapist had kept his attention on the specifics and his focus on the required elements (SRBC) this situation would not have arisen.

This therapist learnt the hard way, but used the lesson to great effect with his future patients and continues to run a very successful practice.


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